Monday, January 31, 2011

Cruisin' - Our Last Sea Day

We were so rested.  It is amazing how much good can come from 14 hours of sleep.  LOL

We spent our last day just enjoying each other.  We went to Bingo.  Oh yeah.  We played Bingo.

We watched the Newlywed/Marriage show.  Now I have to share a few highlights from this.  They picked three couples from the audience.  The first couple had been married 6 days.  The second for 15 yrs and the third for 61 yrs.  Then they had them sit up on stage with their backs to one another and gave each person a notepad and a pen.  Then they proceeded to ask them 7 questions and the object was when the answers were read a bit later, that they would match.  One question was "If a parrot lived in your bedroom, what word or phrase would it learn first?"  Ok, so answer time.  This one kind of disturbed me...the first couple, married 6 days, his answer is "Daddy".  Wow.  But this did not disturb me so much until I heard the answers to another question..."If your husband is stranded on a deserted island for a year and only ONE person could visit, would he choose a Missionary or a Hooker, and then explain your answer."  The first couple's answers - HIS - A hooker, so I could have someone to talk to.  (yeah right)  HERS - A Missionary, BECAUSE HE IS GOING TO BE A PREACHER!  WHAT????  The same dude that said the parrot would repeat DADDY??  EW EW EW EW EW!
The middle couple's answers - HERS - A Hooker, because he would rather die than go another year without.  HIS - A Hooker, cuz duh!  It has been a year!
The older couple - HERS - A Hooker, so he could have a pretty girl to look at.  (awww)  HIS - A HOOKER IN THE MISSIONARY POSITION!!!!  OMG, I thought we were gonna bust a gut.  He had to be like 80!  We were all chanting Three Points, Three Points!  

The rest of the afternoon and evening, we just spent enjoying our last day on board.  The weather was quite chilly outside as we were getting closer to home but we found sufficient trouble to get into indoors.

We got packed that night before bed so that we would only have our toiletries and such to worry about in the morning.  We were sad to see our cruise come to an end but we were missing the boy and the dog and our own bed and especially our own Toilet.  That toilet was the smallest thing I have ever seen.  Just sayin'.

The next morning, it was liked we were blessed or something.  We had stayed in our room until the very last moment.  We had no idea.  All the other cabins were empty!  LOL!  We dragged our bags down the steps a few floors and then we were hailed from a working elevator.  We hopped on, the elevator let us out and dang if we did not walk right off the ship.  Then there was a four minute wait at customs, then when we exited the building, our shuttle was ready to take us to the car.  NO waiting.  The shuttle dropped us off at our car and VOILA!  We were on our way home.  We were amazed and the ease of the morning.

We made it back to San Antonio right on time and we decided to spend one more evening with the Parents before we headed home.  They took us out to eat again, Chinese food this time and then we passed the evening playing games once more.

Sunday morning found us packing up and hitting the road home.   8 hours later, I was hugging my boy.

All in all, such a wonderful vacation.  I can't wait until this summer when I can take my boy to meet the super cool man friend's parents and go to Sea World and the huge water park, Schlitterbahn!


  1. I mean, seriously, is molestation an absolute requirement for clergy nowadays? It must be the very first question on the application...

    It was nice to get home, though. As great as a vacation is, i find it always reinforces just how happy you are at home. If you are truly happy in your life, you will look forward to the homecoming just as much as you did to starting your trip.

  2. SERIOUSLY Daddy???? WTF is wrong with these people? And clergy for real. I can never ever go to church again. Not that I went much. But Now all I could picture is my Priest in a bedroom who cares they can't get married and someone calling him daddy. And that damn Usher song. Now I must rock in corners.

    I'm glad your vacay was amazing. I need a vacy NOW.


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