Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cruisin' - Onboard Carnival Ecstasy

 (Off topic note first - My super cool man friend commented on my blog!  Now I can die happy.  hehe!)

We made it to Galveston with no mishaps.  It was a pleasant drive.  Coming from the desert, driving along the shore of the Gulf of Mexico left me breathless.  All that endless water.   It was fantastic.

We made our way to WalMart so we could pick up the last few essential items that were needed.  We bought wine.  That is an essential, right? 

As we try to pull in to the parking facility, we are turned away.  They tell us that our ship had just docked and it would be another hour or two until we could park.  I guess they needed the people who were on the ship to come and retrieve their cars before they could park more.  Hmpf.  So we toured Galveston some and had a light lunch then we got in the growing line of cars that were waiting to park.  And there we sat.  We were a wee bit irritated that our vacation would now be shorter by about 4 hours or so.  But there was really nothing we could do about it, so we waited and when our turn finally came, we parked and hopped on the shuttle that would take us to the pier.

This is where the line to stand in line to stand in line to stand in yet another line began.  Because everyone was coming in at one time instead of dribbling in over the course of the morning, it was a bit of a long wait.  We just kept our smiles plastered to our faces, we joked with others in line and really just tried to be patient.  We knew there was a light up ahead.  Its name was alcohol.

The time came and we boarded the ship.  We made our way to our stateroom in order to put our carry-on luggage down and as we are approaching our door, here comes our checked luggage from the other direction.  Woohoo!  No waiting!  We were in our room long enough to drop everything and then we set out on a mission for our first Drink of the Day.  We found it on the Lido Deck.  It was tall, and red and had an umbrella and fruit in it.  Heaven!  We were finally "On Vacation" and it felt good.

We turned off the phones after posting a couple of pictures on facebook, we explored the ship, we waved goodbye to Galveston as we pulled away from the dock and then we headed back to the room to unpack, unwind, and get ready for dinner.

We were scheduled for the late seating of dinner.  Around 8:00 pm we moseyed our way around until we found the dining room.   Once we were seated I started to feel weird.  I had not been feeling the movement of the ship at all but now, sitting down and being still, it was very pronounced.  I worried that I would not be able to make it through dinner but I did fine.  It was nice to meet our table-mates and get to know them a little.  I will say this once and then it will be dropped as I do not want to dwell on negativity.  The food was horribly sub par.  Cafeteria food in school was better.  We have both cruised before, with different lines, and the food is normally to die for.  I did not gain a single pound on this cruise.  That is all I will say.  I promise.

I am kind of hazy as to what we did after dinner.  But I do know we ended up in our room at a reasonable hour, we turned on an audio book and let the sea rock us to sleep.

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