Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shhhhh...I am huntin' wabbits!

The past few nights have been weird.  I wake up, a lot.  All night long.  But, in the mornings, I still feel rested and refreshed.  I am not groggy or tired throughout the day.  But still, it is not normal to wake up that much. Right?

I know what my problem is while I am trying to *fall* asleep.  My brain is still on hyper-drive.  I have so many lists running through my head of what needs to be accomplished and what needs to be packed and what needs to go where and to who...yeah.  Who could fall asleep with that nonsense going on? 

But to wake up over and over and over again once I finally *do* fall asleep?  Screw that.  I will cut you.  Seriously.

I had to go bra shopping last night.  I am so sure you wanted to know this.  Right?  You see, I am wearing a really low cut dress for formal night and I want the girls to be all **PA-PAOW!** and up there and even and shit.  So, yeah.  Needed a new bra.  And of course I had to buy the matching panties as well!  I mean, they were calling my name...I never have matching ANYTHING, especially undies.  Now I do.  So there.  Nanner Nanner.

If only they had a 24hr Tattoo Removal Magic Pill I could take, I would be totally set.  (why oh why did I choose to put it on my BOOB?? Stupid Stupid Stupid!)


  1. how many tu tuz do you have? I have six. ankle, hips, biceps, right shoulder blade.

  2. @Lance - I only have the one. I wish I had put it somewhere else. Anywhere else. Somewhere that I can't see it everyday. LOL! And in a low cut dress, EVERYONE can see it.


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