Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday! Finally!

We had pizza last night.  Go ahead, ask me what kind.  We had Bacon pizza.  Oh yeah.  Three different types of bacon smothered in gooey cheese.  I know you are jealous.  It was Faboo.

I cannot believe this is the last weekend before we leave on our cruise.  I have done NOTHING to get ready.  I am out of time.  There is packing that needs to be done, the car needs an oil change, I need to get the formal wear to the dry cleaners and I need to clean out my car!  Oh yeah.  This is gonna be one busy weekend.

I am really excited to meet the super cool man friends parents.  We are going to be staying with them for two days on our way to Galveston to hop on the ship.  I am excited and NERVOUS.  I have never even spoken to them.  The super cool man friend has been around my parents plenty of times and so I just have to suck it up and hope they like me.  Plus, I have never been to San Antonio before so that will be a treat in itself.  I have set up an appointment to have one of those SHELLAC mani/pedi's.  They don't have them in a 300 mile radius around here so I figured I would treat myself while I am in the "Big City".

My boss and about 15 people in his circle of family and friends have been taking this diet pill called Jadera.  Every single one of them have lost weight without changing their eating habits or exercising.  One lady has lost almost 75 lbs in four months.  Granted, she had A LOT to lose, but still.  So I started them two days ago.  I am going to give it a try.  Along with changing my eating habits and exercising.  Cross you fingers that I have the same success as they have. 


  1. I am sitting in one of the coldest cities in Canada. You have no idea how jealous I am of your upcoming cruise...
    But enjoy, I'm certain you have earned it? Deserve it? Have leaped tall buildings in a single bound?...ok, still a bit jealous :)

  2. What are you doing right now???? Pack!!!

    Do not sweat the 'rents. You'll be just fine. One place in Galveston that you should try if you spend any time there and are hungry and that's Gaido's or Casey's they are together. And both have THE BEST GULF SHRIMP!!!

    I expect a full and detailed report.


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