Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yeah, yeah...give me a minute.

I am pretty sure I should blog.  I really don't have much to say.  I have been a little "blah" lately. 

Take last weekend for instance, I did nothing.  Not one single thing.  It is ridiculous.  I woke up Saturday and made muffins for breakfast.  I had full intentions of cleaning my house and getting out and about, maybe take the family to the library.  Something!  But, no.  I sat.  Lunch time came around.  I made lunch.  Dinner time drew near and I finally got in the shower.  NO shit people.  5:00 pm and I am showering for the first time.  I went to the store, I made dinner.  That was it.  My kid was so excited because he said he wanted to stay in his pj's all day, and he did it!

Sunday???  Ten times worse than Saturday.  I did not get out of my pj's.  Not til Monday morning.  Did I clean? no.  Did nothing.  I suck.

So, Monday, when I went to work (with my kid in tow because I forgot to make arrangements for him because I forgot that he did not have school)...I realized that I had missed all sorts of things that were scheduled for the weekend.  FebFest, Superbowl (ick, but I usually go SOMEWHERE for superbowl), seeing my friends??  Yeah, that was kind of a shock.

Today, I got to work and remembered I should have been at a meeting last night and I totally spaced it. 

I miss my brain.

I filed my taxes.  Yay.  Now I won't go to prison, I am sure I was heading there.  They get mad when they send you letter after letter and you don't respond.  But hey, I don't have any money to pay them so they can, now they should be happy.  Until I file next year.  Then we will play dodge the irs again.  Woohooo!

Oh!  I made a new internet friend.  She is my Internet Soul Mate.  We share a brain and shit...and between the two of may get like 1/4 of a brain.  But we are ok with that, so there.

Ok.  I blogged.  Happy now?

P.S.!!!  I LOVE WEEDS!  I am watching every episode back to back to back to back...hey, what did you think I did all weekend???  But it makes me want to smoke pot, or grow it.  Just sayin'. 


  1. YAY! You posted! I kept meaning to comment on your vacay pics but I was so jealous that it was really hard :P

    I actually love weekends like that sometimes..sometimes I just have no desire to move, let alone get out of my pjs..haha!

    Ugh..I still have to do my taxes for this year..I think we have a couple of months left to do them..eck..but on the upside..I actually get money BACK..that should be motivation enough! :)

    I'm very happy that you blogged! YAY!

  2. Awww I was mentioned in a Blog I am all teary eyed. I think I am the soul mate I think. Damn If I'm not I'm sure red faced here. And I am not sure about the 1/4 of a brain I don't know if I have that much to give.

    And taxes suck if you have to pay them Uncle Sam gives me money so I like taxes wooo.

    And dude welcome to my life I shower at like 4 everyday cause I am lazy like that. And I sometimes have to ask my husband if I showered and mid-sentence well you know the drill.

  3. Hmmmm. And here i was thinking it was the best weekend ever. For the same reasons you thought it was terrible...

    *sad face*


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