Friday, January 28, 2011

Cruisin' - Cozumel

We were right on track.  We woke early, got ourselves ready and packed what we would need in our beach bag.  We then took the stairs down to Deck 3 and figured we would just walk right off the boat.  No such luck.  As we stood in line to be let off the boat, we hear a message over the PA and we are told that they have closed the gangway due to another ship pulling into port.  Something about our safety, blah, blah, blah, no one can be on the pier, blah, blah, blah.  So we found ourselves with 30 minutes to kill.

We headed upstairs and grabbed some breakfast.  Once we finished eating, the gangway was reopened and we made our way off the boat.  It was a beautiful day.  The sun was shining, the clouds were fluffy like cotton candy and the skies were blue.  We were so excited to make our way down the pier and find a taxi that would take us to our destination, Playa Uvas.

We had booked this excursion over the internet.  It promised a guided snorkel tour, unlimited beach access, free lunch and an open bar.  This is what we have been looking forward to.

We arrived and made our way to the check in cashier.  Our paperwork stated that they took credit cards so we had brought limited cash as it was all inclusive.  They were kind of put out by having to take a credit card.  They just were not set up for it.  But she took the information from the card and said it would be about an hour and then we would need to sign the receipt.  No problem.  We were going to be here all day.

We were given a tour of the place and then we set up our beach chairs and umbrella.  They brought us our first drink.  A pina colada.  And then we settled into our loungers and enjoyed the view.

It was shaping up to be a perfect day.  The snorkel guide came by and asked if we wanted to join an earlier group instead of the later one we had planned on.  It was a small group and we decided that it was the perfect time to snorkel.

And then....I chickened out.  Yeah.  I know.  I am a big silly stupid head.  I did insist that the super cool man friend go on without me.  So he went off to get outfitted and go over the safety instructions.

 So while he was off gallivanting in the deep blue sea, I walked around a bit and snapped some pictures.

As you can tell, they keep the reservations to a minimum.  That way, you never feel crowded.  It really is a wonderful resort.

After my picture taking jaunt, I grabbed my book and sat down to do some serious drinking.  I had chatted with the bartender for a few minutes and I asked him to make me something yummy.  He recommended a Blue Paradise.  It was vodka, blue curacao, and pina colada.  It was tasty.  And they went down so smooth, I probably had about 5 before the super cool man friend returned from his snorkeling tour.
When he did return, however, it was time for lunch.  They brought out a vegetarian lasagna of sorts for my super cool man friend and I had the steak fajitas.  YUM!
Then, the drinking got a little serious.  I stuck to my Blue Paradise but he decided to switch to Tequila shots with a beer backer.  Four shots or so later, the bartender brought these us and to the table next to us who was keeping us entertained.
Yeah, these little beauties are "shots"  HA!
I tried to drink one, I really did.  I got about half a gulp and I had to stop.  It was nasty!  So I gave mine to the super cool man friend.  AND SO DID THE 5 PEOPLE SITTING AT THE NEXT TABLE!  OMG.  He drank them all.

Then, as he is sitting there, spouting off in Spanish because now that he is drunk, he is totally fluent...I keep saying no more shots, he keeps saying MAS TEQUILA!  I say hush...he laughs!  Here comes our waiter...with a beer, and in the beer, is a shot of tequila.  Down this one goes...

Yeah, I am thinking it is getting very close to time for us to head back to the ship.  I have no idea how many drinks I have consumed, but I do know that I am blammo and we totally got our moneys worth.

Then we hear these words ring out..."Would you like us to make you a drink TO GO?"  What?!?  We can take it with us?  Well, who could turn down that offer?

As we are leaving, we are stopped and asked to pose for a picture.  This is what was posted to the Playa Uvas site.  It is a miracle we are standing upright.
They toss us into a cab and we head back to the pier.  Somehow we make our way back to the ship and to our stateroom where my super cool man friend promptly passes out on the floor.  I followed suit, only in the bed and there we slept for about 6 hours.

We woke up in time to grab a late slice of pizza from the buffet and then it was seriously time for bed.  We slept like logs for the rest of the evening.  Best shore excursion EVAH!!  All for $38.00 per person.


  1. OMG that does sound AMAZING JEALOUS!!! And Your totally cool Man friend sounds like my husband. Once inebriated my husband knows like 3 or 4 different languages that he does not know. Someday we will Go CRUIZIN Together I think I might get sea sick so that might be bad. But he wants to se we'll see.

  2. Not only was this the best vacation of my life, but that day was the best vacation day of my life! The water! The clear sky! The free booze! The love! Best day evah!

  3. Oh Honey! I get all tingly in my secret places when you leave comments on my blog. Awwww!

    Best Super Cool Man Friend EVAH!


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