Monday, January 3, 2011

OMG! I have Comments!

Did you see?  I have comments!  And not just from my friends!  Woohooo!  Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my friends...but my friends are kinda OBLIGATED to comment somewhat.  These are NEW PEOPLE who don't KNOW ME!  WOOHOO!

Okay.  So enough jubilation for the moment.

I had a perfectly awesome weekend.  The super cool man friend took me out to dinner Friday night and then we hung out at the Elk's Lodge for the New Year's Eve celebration.  I totally missed my BFF and it made me reminiscent of the NYE party a few years back where we totally hit it off and became awesome friends.  Plus we had a bazillion shots that night. Good Times.

Saturday I woke up at 6:00 AM!  But I talked myself into going back to sleep.  Got up around 11:00 and hit the treadmill.  Hungover and all.  Totally kicked butt with a 30 minute workout.  Once we were up and dressed, we went shopping.  (The Ex came Friday at noon and took his kitchen table.  Perfect excuse to get a new one right?)  We started out at Big Lots and though they had some awesome table options, they were all a bit out of our price range.  Then we were going to hit the second hand shop but it was closed due to the holiday.  So, we went with our first choice and got the one at WalMart we have been drooling over for weeks now.   

It went from this to.....  
We also found a bottle of Cotton Candy Flavored Vodka while we were out and totally had to get some.  I mean, it is COTTON CANDY FLAVORED people!  So Saturday evening we drank some vodka and watched some South Park.  Awesome combination.  Especially mixed with Pineapple Juice.

Sunday morning we headed to the mountains to pick up my boy from his Dad.  On the way back, we stopped in Ruidoso, NM and had some lunch/dinner at my favorite Italian Restaurant, Michelinas.  Then we headed back home.  I had to get the laundry done or we were going to be in big trouble.  Once the laundry was vanquished, we played a board game that my son had received for Christmas.  Gosh, then it was bedtime.  "Time goes by so fast" (Bangles)

I was not ready to head back to reality this morning.  We have been off schedule for two weeks and it is gonna be crazy trying to get back.  But we will make it happen.  Oh yes, we Will!  Just Watch!


  1. I have never heard of cotton candy flavored vodka but I'm on board. Any combination of drinking and circuses can only be good.

  2. Um.

    Excuse me.



    We probably need to become BFF's or something..and drink that. Because man...AWESOME.

    Also - I'm so off schedule's just so hard to get myself back on track and I'm failing (and flailing) about miserably..eck!


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