Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Humpday Update

We have been taking the Jadera pills for a week now.  I am down 3 lbs, super cool man friend is down 5.  (Shoots evil glare at super cool man friend)  I can feel them working.  For Real, yo.  I am not hungry, I am not craving the sugary sweetness (case in point - we have cake at the house, CAKE PEOPLE!  I did not touch the cake last night.  Not one little morsel.  I am thinking it will be thrown out.)  I am drinking water like I have been lost in the desert for weeks!  Four Liters yesterday.  So we will call this week a success.  Woohoo!

I have even been taking vitamins!  Me!  Everyday.  I am a superstar.

Last night I challenged myself to go a little further and a little longer on the treadmill.  I made it to 44 minutes (3.4 miles) before I had to stop.  The night before I tried to run.  I thought I was ready.  I was not.  Ten minutes was all I got until I thought I was gonna throw up.  So we will stick to fast walking for now.  Build up to the jogging and the running bits.  Maybe tonight I can make it to 4 miles.

The super cool man friend and I discussed our strategy for eating on the cruise ship.  We both have cruised before and we both WAY OVER INDULGED.  This time, we are going to focus on having fun and not focus on the food or the 24 hour ice cream dispenser.  Plus we will be on our pills so it should help.

Two more days until we leave.  Woohoo!  I have been active on a message board at with other people who will be on our cruise.  I am leading a Meet and Greet on the cruise ship so we can all see who we have been chatting with.  One of the ladies is going to be teaching ballroom dancing lessons and we are gonna jump all over those.  The super cool man friend and I have never danced together.  It will be a hoot!

I found a birthday card that Zach made me.  He has it hidden in his backpack so he can give it to me on my birthday.  Well, he says he will give it to me on Friday since I will be gone on my actual birthday.  I will post a pic when I can.  He is such an awesome son.  I am so lucky. 


  1. I call the kid who spends time with my teenage daughter "her friend who is a boy" because I refuse to use the other word. Is super cool man friend the same thing as friend who is a boy? I need to note my scorecard.

  2. diet on a cruise??? You have more willpower than ME!!


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