Friday, October 1, 2010

HCG Diet - Day 1 Loading (Gorge Yourself) Day

Starting Weight - 266 lbs
(oh god.  Did I actually just tell someone how much I REALLY weighed?)
This weight is kinda fun to post up because two weeks ago I was pushing 280.  I don't know where it went but damn I am glad it is gone!

I took my first dose of HCG this morning.  I have to take it four times a day.  The schedule I worked out is 6:30 am, 10:30 am, 2:30 pm, and 6:30 pm.  I took all my measurements last night (so I can see how many inches I lose) and wrote them in my journal.

I now know what everyone was talking about.  You think that it will be easy and fun to gorge yourself with all the bad food you know you shouldn't eat but love.  I stopped into Sonic this morning for French Toast Sticks.  One of my absolute favorites.  I don't know if it is the HCG that is working or if it is all in my head but, I was only able to eat two of them.  I had to force the second one down. 

I am going to eat every two hours today and tomorrow starting at 8:00 am and ending at 8:00 pm.  I bought high fat goodies such as black olives, bean dip (yum!), peanut butter, corn chips, etc.  Tonight I will have either a cheeseburger or pizza.  (If I can stuff em down!).  I saw other people were also drinking soda, I cannot bring myself to take a step back.  I am that addicted to the stuff.  If I have one...I will have 50.  So, water for me.  Maybe a beer or two tonight as alcohol is forbidden on the diet.

Ok then...I am off to find something to eat!


  1. I can't say I have ever heard of the HCG diet. Is there a website you found that details the specifics of the diet?

    I wish you good luck! I know dieting is hard, and I need to get on that wagon myself. Hopefully you will inspire me to do so!

  2. I'm your first... follower. And I will respect you in the morning.

    I'm with Brat. HCG? GHB? I was like, she's opened a blog about pot?? Becuz I have a tendency to be dyslexic.
    But you can do anything you set your mind to... And for the record, I weigh 160!! I am 40# overweight! I'm short. I'm not gettin' any frickin' free tee shirt anytime soon. I'm not looking at dropping it overnight. I want to be healthy. If 10 or 15 pounds come off... super.

    We can do it!!

  3. Yeah, I am tall. I need to lose 86 lbs total. 180 on me and I will be like a supermodel. I have not been under 200 lbs in 17 years.

    But, we are at Day 1. I am so excited!!! LOL

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