Monday, October 4, 2010

VLCD Day 2

Weight - 265
Yup!  I lost 2.4 lbs!  Woohoo!  So take THAT naysayers!  LOL!

Oh I lost another 167 lbs this morning by way of my Divorce...but that is another story.  LOL!

It is ridiculous to think that when it finally comes time to eat...that it would be difficult to ingest all 500 calories.  BUT IT IS!  I have to force myself to finish.  And last night I didn't eat my apple at dinner.  I just could not take another bite. 

Today I cut up part of my apple and put it in with my lettuce and chicken for a salad.  It was tasty.  But once I was finished with the salad, I could not eat the rest of the apple.  Very weird.  Anyways, here is my lunch.

I love love love my George Foreman Grill!  In minutes!  I have food!  Yay!

Ok.  So I took my son to the fair tonight.  I made it through (with a little help from my friends) but I did not eat dinner.  And now it is too late to eat.  So I had my grissini but I am so tired I just want to go to bed.  This is why I need to plan my meals in advance.  So I don't miss them.  That cannot be good when I am eating so few calories as it is.  I will do better tomorrow.  I promise.

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  1. You did so good at the fair. You had so much willpower. Honestly, I think I would have caved. I'm so proud of you!!! And I agree, planning ahead is definitely a good idea.


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