Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tomorrow is the first day...

...of the rest of my life.  Ha!

I am fed up.  I am sick and tired of being the fat girl in my group of friends.  I don't want to be liked for my personality...LMAO! 

I have been working to making myself healthy.  The first Sunday in June, I quit smoking.  On September 12th, I quit drinking soda (oh how I miss my beloved Dr. Pepper!).  Now, it is time for a diet.


After loads and loads (and loads) of research, I have decided to try the HCG Diet.  I am not going to do the injections though, I have opted for the drops.  I ordered my drops from  I found so many internet sites selling HCG drops that had NO HCG in them.  I used this source because it came highly recommended by my Sister-In-Law. 

My drops arrived yesterday, but I think that by starting on the first day of the month it will just make tracking things a bit easier.  Don't you agree?

I am going to use this blog as my daily journal.  Mm'kay?  I am NOT going to cheat.  There is no reason that I cannot stick to this diet for the next 43 days. 

So, look out world!  There is a skinny girl inside me and she is clawing her way out!

My Goals:
I want to set realistic (baby) goals.  That way, it is easier to see progress.
Weigh 249 lbs (which will totally break the 250 mark since I have not been below 250 in AGES)
Reach a point where the jeans that I am wearing today will absolutely NOT STAY UP.  These are not tight jeans and I can almost pull them on and off without unbuttoning this is a realistic goal.

Wish me luck people.  I am gonna need it!

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