Tuesday, October 5, 2010

VLCD Day 3

Weight - 262.2
YES!  I lost almost THREE pounds yesterday!  WOOHOOOO!

I am so excited I could just pee!

I talked to my Mom this morning.  She is down to 240.  So she has lost over 25 lbs since 9/20/10 when she had the surgery.  But my diet takes WILLPOWER!  LOL!  And I have the WILLPOWER!  It is my new superhuman asset.  I am Willpower Woman!  (Please forgive...little loopy today...loving the weight loss, my pants fit!  I am not being cut in half when I sit down anymore.)

I can feel my energy returning.  I was so drained the first couple of days.  I just wanted to sleep. All.The.Time.  So this is much better.

I will update later with my lunch and dinner dishes.  It helps me to share them with you.  That way, I have to be accountable.  I spent a great deal of time yesterday looking up some recipes and I found a couple that I want to try.  One is a stuffed pepper recipe that looked divine and the other is Buffalo Chicken Sorta.  It is modified to be allowed on the diet but it looks yummy!  And seeing those wings last night totally got me craving them.  So I will try it out.

Til Then!

Okay, here is lunch.  I have not decided on dinner as of yet.  It will be one of the two listed above.  LOL!

And this was my dinner.  I have never prepared stuffed peppers before so this was fun to try.
Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!!

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