Wednesday, October 6, 2010

VLCD Day 4

Weight - 261.4

Eh...was hoping for a bit more of a weight loss but hey, a loss is a loss, right?

So that brings the total to 6 pounds in 3 days.  Woohooo!

I have not had any problems so far on this diet.  I feel good, I am not moody or drained.  I am happy!  I wake up every day at 6:30 and I am so excited to get out of bed to go see what the scale says!  I have been on time to work (early even) every day this week and I am not HUNGRY!  It is a GOOD week so far!

Today I made a hamburger.  On the George Foreman grill of course.  It smelled heavenly as it cooked.  I seasoned my meat with chopped onion and garlic powder and a little black pepper.  I am so full right now that I skipped my fruit.  I bought some beautiful strawberries last night so I am thinking they will be dessert tonight.

Here is my lunch...
So, I spent some time this morning looking up a little thing called Chocolate Delight.  Oh.Emm.Gee.That had me drooling let me tell you.  And they are all saying they ate it during Phase 2 which I just don't see how this can be allowed in Phase 2.  Really.  Each piece is 197 calories people!  So, anyway, I think I will wait until Phase 3 to try this little recipe.  I would live on this stuff.  So no.  Can not do at this time.

I did think over my plan here.  Since I started this diet on October 1, I am going to end it on October 31.  That way, I can start my next round with Thanksgiving as my loading day.  Uh huh!  Pretty smart I am!  Plus, most people say you start to really drop off on the weight loss after the 25th day or so.  So I will be back on this diet in December and again in February if I still need to lose more. 

Have a great Wednesday...I will post my dinner later.  Cross your fingers that I lose a little more tomorrow than I did today.

Here is dinner.
I think I did something wrong because my Buffalo Chicken was not soupy at all.  It is very very tasty though!  I will be trying this again.

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