Thursday, February 17, 2011

It Never Fails

Dude.  The schools here were closed, for like, 4 days, a week or so ago, due to some freak snow storm right?  Well, this week, they are closed Friday and Monday.  In-service and President's Day or something or other.  So my little kidlet is going to hang with his granny for his little holiday weekend.  She lives out of town so we try to schedule visits around 3 or 4 day weekends.

So you know what this means right????  Oh yeah.  I have a kid-free weekend!  Booyah!

The super cool man friend had already planned on us going out on a date sometime this weekend.  So I have that to look forward to.  Plus, I found out yesterday that a band is playing Friday night that I have been wanting to go see but every time they are scheduled, I have my boy.  We are definitely gonna go check them out.

BIG PLUS I get to go to my BFF's for her kids birthday party!  Cake!!  Everything is awesome when cake is involved.

And really, do I have to mention the hours and hours and hours of kid free time that can be, you know...sans clothing?  Sexy Adventure Time!  OH yeah.  It is gonna be one great weekend.

I snorted the other day when the super cool man friend asked if I was off on Monday for President's Day.  HA!  Just because you run a bank, Mister, does not mean that you can forget that the rest of us peons don't get 400 holidays a year.  Although....I think I might call in sick.  I mean, I am feeling quite poorly right now...(*cough* *cough*).  Hehe.

This morning, in my email, I was enticed by an ad for 5 nights at an All Inclusive Resort in Cozumel, Mexico for only 700.00.  Well, until I looked up the trip on some other site and the resort had THE WORST reviews EVER!!  I swear, if I won the lottery, I would travel so many times a year it would be pathetic.  I love dreaming up all the different trips I could take.  Too bad...the money is just not there but if it was...oh mama!

Ok, now I am going to go dream about my weekend.  See ya!

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  1. See now you can not cry I am reading and commenting. Dry your tears cupcake.

    Kid free weekends what are those?? No really what are those?

    Haha Sexy Adventure time that sounds so piratey. I'll make a Pirate Mix tape for that. I have no idea where I will get songs for that. Don't ask a lot of question OK. It will be VERY different then Justin and Lexie's mix though.

    Banks never work. I want to work at a bank, wait I work less than they do at a bank. Well kind of, damn kids always want something except for that.

    You sound really sick I can hear it through the interwebs.

    I wanna go to Paris, and Greece, and I'm not sure where else but I want to travel. I wanna go back to Disney World though cause I am like 5. When I'm rich baby we'll travel you and me. And Super Cool Man Friend and the kids. Sir! May or may not be coming.


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